Moving Company Brooklyn specializes in long distance moving as well as local moves for residential and commercial relocations.


When it comes to moving it’s not rocket science and the key is to keep it as simple as possible. There are a few things to remember to make your life easier and its remembering the fundamentals. If you plan in advance you will have nothing to worry about but if you leave things until last minute then you can expect a rocky move.

You want to find a good moving service like ours, which should be the first point of call. By booking the mover early it gives you the option to get the exact day you want to move and also time to pack and run any errands that need to be done before the big day.

Once you have booked the mover you will need to pack those items up. Some clients have our company pack for them if they have a busy lifestyle but this will obviously cost a little more so if you are doing it yourself start collecting boxes from friends or you can buy boxes from our moving company or any local shipping and box store.

When packing make sure you do it properly, if you happen to pack very poorly things might break during the move. No matter how carefully the movers are with your boxes if you have over stacked plates and glasses then this can put stress on the objects and it will naturally break over the time of the move.

Make sure you change your address; you don’t want any important mail going to your old address so forward everything so it stays secure. It is really simple and it can be done online for a simple payment of 1 dollar or at your local post office.

Have you notified the utility company you are moving? Make sure you let them know so they can switch services so you are not paying for utilities in your old place and your new place.

What you can expect from our services are the following.

Free moving quotes – You can call or go to the contact page and enter your info and one of our movers will contact you with a price, it’s that easy.

Local Moves – We can help you move using local guys that know the area.

Packing Service – If you are finding a lack of time to pack yourself then we can step in to help you out. Our guys will bring the boxes and all the materials needed to make sure everything is safely packed and it’s ready to go.

Long distance movers – In the event you are moving out of Brooklyn and New York altogether then we can also help with that. We have the ability to move you nationwide if need be.